Ultrasonic Massager - HS3006 -- Pure Ultrasound Therapy: Portable, Affordable & FDA Approved
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ENGINEERED TO PUT QUALITY ULTRASOUND THERAPY RIGHT IN YOUR HAND * generates deep heat through a piezo-electric crystal soundhead * treatment duration is determined by the medical practitioner, ranging from 2 to 15 minutes * automatic shut-off after 10 minutes for safety. * 1MHz of ultrasound penetrates 3~5 cm deep in such tissues as the calves, chest, neck, and back to alleviate aches and pains The UltraSonic Massager emits ultrasound waves at a frequency of a million vibrations per second (1 MHz). The emissions are in pulses (not continuous) to deliver the energy more gently. Ultrasound reaches deep tissues, generating… [Read More]