Help Loved Ones Maintain Independent Living

When a beloved family member or elderly parent can no longer take care of themselves then it can be tough. There are often a number of issues that can lead to a person needing to be placed into care or that make them eligible to receive home care.

Old age affects motor skill.  Once simple tasks become daunting, they are no longer simple tasks, and they struggle with personal hygiene chores like going to the toilet.

Sometimes the problem can be that the motor skills are fine but the mind is starting to fail, this can be down to diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s, which often lead to confusion and moments of anger and aggression. If you want to give someone the sort of care they require then you either have the option of trying to raise money for it by selling anything of value that you may have or by applying for help.

Caring for the old whether in a care home or your own house requires a large amount of different sorts of medical supplies. These tend to be sold in bulk form, from a wholesale health supplier. These places will be able to supply you with much of the equipment that you need such as wholesale latex gloves, Incontinence Pads and disposable plastic aprons. These are the sort of health products that you will be buying frequently to clean up as well as limit mess and to help stop the spread of diseases.

Plastic Aprons are found to be incredibly useful when taking care of the old. They are a must for people that struggle with motor skills or have difficulty feeding themselves. There are wide ranges of plastic aprons available from disposable aprons to reusable plastic aprons. They also come packaged in a number of ways from cardboard dispensers to flat packs and rolls.

There are different types of glove available for various tasks and they come in a wide range of resistant fabrics as people can often have allergies to materials like latex. There are also two different styles of glove some that contain powder where as others do not and are called powder free gloves. Powder is often put into gloves to make them easier to don if the task you are performing means that your hands are damp. There have been issues in the medical industry with regards to powdered gloves as the powder can sometimes cause problems when performing tasks like surgery. This has meant that more medical institutions have now switched to Powder Free Vinyl Gloves in most cases as they are a lot safer to use when you are working with open wounds.