Mefix Self-Adhesive Fabric Tape. Width: 2
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Mefix Self-Adhesive Fabric Tape. Width: 2″ (5cm), Quantity: 1 Roll Porous, nonwoven fabric ensures air and water vapor permeability. Stretchable fabric conforms well to body contours and allows unrestricted movement. Non-absorbent to prevent blood and fluid strike-through. Provides secure fixation, while remaining gentle on the skin. Release paper is premeasured in 4′ (10cm) intervals and has a perforated split backing for easy removal and application. Can easily be cut to the desired shape. Recommended for fixation of dressings, catheters and cannulas, especially on the neck, elbow and knee. In 11 yd. (10m) rolls. Latex free. Product photo may not exactly… [Read More]