Is family health insurance coverage a thing of the past?

The state of the economy has become the number one concern of the average family. A decade ago, family health insurance coverage was almost taken for granted. If you worked for a large corporation, one of the advantages was that your employer provided health insurance as a standard part of the salaried employee’s perks.

Several years ago, the Federal government enacted tax legislation which was supposed to encourage small businesses to provide group health insurance coverage to their employees, with a tax break incentive. This legislation did little to improve the picture. Who knows why?

Perhaps the tax incentives were simply not cost-effective enough for the small business owner to implement. Large corporations started cutting back on their family health insurance plans.

Today, nearly half of American workers have no medical insurance coverage at all. With all of the other obligations a family needs to meet, health insurance goes by the wayside. It’s simply no longer affordable.
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